Does My Book Need Editing? AND How to Find Affordable Options

What is the number one mistake new writers make? They send out their work, or self-publish it, without editing and revising! It’s basically akin to going to your wedding in a dress that you ordered for $25 from SKEIN and didn’t even press or try on first. Actually, it’s even worse than that. So, why…

How to kick WRITER’S BLOCK to the curb

Ugh, writer’s block! Writer’s block is enemy number one to anyone attempting to live the creative writing life. We all know the usual version of it: staring at the blank page and seeing a wall. But there are two other sinister versions of writer’s block that are easy to overlook. Version 1 – “I can’t…

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Hi, I’m Elaine. Follow me as I write and revise a middle grade novel and work as a freelancer and ghostwriter. There may also be adventures and misadventures of life with four kids, a great husband, and way too many animals. Life on our hobby farm is full of dirty boots, dirty floors, and a beagle who rolled in nastiness again. But it also is ripe with newborn chicks, thriving plants, and kids who know the myriad of possibilities held in a stick. I believe God called creation good and never took that back. And it may even apply to our beagle.

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