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Does My Book Need Editing? AND How to Find Affordable Options

What is the number one mistake new writers make? They send out their work, or self-publish it, without editing and revising! It’s basically akin to going to your wedding in a dress that you ordered for $25 from SKEIN and didn’t even press or try on first. Actually, it’s even worse than that. So, whyContinue reading “Does My Book Need Editing? AND How to Find Affordable Options”

Creative Jealousy, Frustration, and a Cattle Dog

If you’re like me, you’ve felt the green-eyed monster’s bite on occasion. This, of course, is Jealousy. While I’m not typically jealous of other people’s possessions, I have been jealous of other people’s creative endeavors. It’s hard to admit, but I’ve been surly to see the success of creative people, and I’ve belly-ached over whyContinue reading “Creative Jealousy, Frustration, and a Cattle Dog”

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